Museum Reina Sofia (Madrid) – Constant – New Babylon

Constant-New_Babylon(museoreinasofia)Next week at October 21, 2015 – February 29, 2016 opens the exhibition Constant – New Babylon at the Museum Reina Sofia in Madrid.
This exhibition focus at works during the time 1956 and 1974. This are the years of Constants New Babylon.
„New Babylon“ means the earth would automated and run by robots and people would have the freedom to devote their time to creative play.
shown are scale models, paintings, drawings and collages displaying his concept of a nomad city of the future.
The exhibition shows also works from other time periods like form the CoBrA period.
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The Gallery BLUM & POEs current exhibition in New York „THE AVANT GARDE WILL NOT GIVE UP: COBRA AND ITS LEGACY“ shows impressive works from the main CoBrA artists. most of the works shown are made in the late 40s and early 50s so in or around the CoBrA period.
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El Paso Museum of Art – Amplified Abstraction



Amplified Abstraction is the current exhibition at the El Paso Museum of Art.
Its the first big exhibition which is curated by Patrick Shaw Cable with works from the museums permanent collection.
Featuring abstract paintings and sculptures made between the 1960s and 2000s by different American and European artists like amongst others the Abstract Expressionist Sam Francis, CoBrA artist Karel Appel and Houston-based leading Texas painters David Aylsworth and Brian Portman.
And one last thing, the admission for this show is free! So in case you are anywhere close by, make sure to not miss it!

NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale – WAR HORSES „HELHESTEN“

exhibition on view at NSU Art Museum; photo by Steven Brooke

WAR HORSES: HELHESTEN AND THE DANISH AVANT-GARDE DURING WORLD WAR II is the current exhibition at the NSU Museum in Florida.
War horses was an avant-garde art group and journal in denmark during the 2nd world war with members amongst others Carl-Henning Pedersen, Else Alfelt, Ejler Bille, Henry Heerup, Egill Jacobsen and Asger Jorn.
The topics where artistic freedom and challenge of Nazi propaganda and the Danish government’s policy of cooperation with Germany.
The style of this movement was inspired by folks and children’s art and painted in bright colors.
One of the most famous essays in the journal helhesten was „Intimate Banalities“ from Asger Jorn which claimed that the future of art was kitsch and praised amateur landscape paintings.
Later many of the helhesten artists became part of the CoBrA art movement.

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